Protect yourself and your loved ones by establishing correct powers-of-attorney

The standard, state available forms for power of attorney are insufficient in protecting your best interests, but our personalized services will help you put into place a plan with your best interests at its core.

Protecting yourself begins with good legal planning.

Establishing powers of attorney that will protect your best interests goes beyond signing one size fits all legal documents – work with our elder care attorneys to create your personalized plan including proper powers of attorney.

  • Financial power of attorney
  • Health care power of attorney
  • HIPAA Release

It can be a difficult discussion to have, but one that is necessary to ensure your wishes are followed

Last wills and testaments only take effect after your death. To ensure your wishes are followed while you are alive, you need comprehensive and complete powers of attorney that include a HIPAA release. Without a HIPAA release, even your spouse, and certainly your adult children, will find it difficult if not impossible to help you and ensure your wishes are followed.

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